Fjell^ was established out of love of mountain spirit and outdoor lifestyle. 
The brand is a combination of high mountain life and city life tied together with an aesthetic design, a future-oriented mindset, with the spirit from back in the day. 

The product range contains boards, board care, accessories and a clothing line. Our products are made for high mountain with a sport fashion level that function as well for city life. 

The boards are made with the highest level of quality and materials. The same philosophy is behind the clothing line.

As we´re based in the center of the most alpine landscape in the world, we have the best surroundings for inspiration, exploring and testing, fjord to peaks.

Fjell^ strives to make sure everything we produce are made as environmental friendly and sustainable as possible. We are ethically uncompromising when we develop and produce our products, as every piece is made with that in mind.

Managed by a Swiss company, the boards are handmade and manufactured in Tunis. During more than 15 years, the company has grown under strict Swiss quality standards.

The core of every board is made of poplar wood grown for the purpose, with recycled steel edges and non toxic colour on top sheet. The factory holds innovative production gear that will minimize the environmental footprint. 

Our clothing garments are all made in Europe, and USA. Our merino wool knits from Scotland, our beanies and caps from USA, our eco wax from Finland, our wool blankets from Norway and our t-shirts and long sleeves from Portugal, to mention some.

We strive to be sure all of our collaborators, manufacturers and factories share our environmental friendly focus, and that their employees work under safe and healthy conditions. 

Our philosophy is making a brand that focuses on investing in long lasting all season products. That´s why we make classic and clean products that will not be replaced by a new collection every change of season.

With reference to our white transparent boards, our identity is based on humility for nature, people and the earth.